Six Signs of the Holiday Season in Silicon Valley

The annual Marissa Mayer snowstorm, a big gift for Stanford, and techies find their inner pop star—it’s holiday season in Silicon Valley

Illustration: iStockphoto

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between a California spring, fall, or winter (summer is easy—that’s when people in San Francisco wear their warmest scarves). But you know it’s the holiday season in Silicon Valley when:

1. It snows at Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s house.

2. Geeks find their inner pop stars.

3. Stanford gets a really big gift from a tech entrepreneur.

4. Corporations take over AT&T Park, the Exploratorium, and Levi Stadium and party like its 1999.

5. Cute kids put a techie twist on holiday traditions.

6.  And a company hopes its nod to charity will take it off Santa’s naughty list.

Happy Holidays!

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