Videogames for the Blind

Gamesport reports on a little-known niche of the gaming world.

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Interesting story today on Gamespot.   It covers a little-known gaming culture - videogames made by and for the blind.   

Several years ago, I wrote a story about Shades of Doom - a variation of the popular first person shooter made by a blind gamer named David Greenwood.  Greenwood coded what are essentially text-based games (in the vein of the classic Colossal Cave Adventure) but with audio cues.  His first game, Lone Wolf, was a submarine simulation.  To play, gamers typed out commands on their keyboards as they listend to a sub race through missions. Instead of looking through a periscope, say, a player would press the letter P on the keyboard and hear an audio-reading of what he saw outside.

Lone Wolf sold a few hundred copies, and Greenwood later worked with an online community of blind gamers, Audyssey, to co-develop a Doom-look shooter, using a similar methodology as Lone Wolf.  You can still find a copy of the game here.

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