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Celebrate IEEE Spectrum’s 50th anniversary

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To celebrate Spectrum’s 50th Anniversary we decided to make this short video. In it we hoped to capture the “just do it” spirit that many of the engineers and technologists we know carry in their DNA and express from a very young age. Our friend Tommy here certainly has it in spades.

1964 was a technologically optimistic moment. Go to the moon, why not? Build robots that serve your dinner and clean out your garage? Coming right up. Technology was going to make people’s lives easier and better. And more fun.

In 1964 IEEE was a largely U.S. organization of electrical and radio engineers; now it’s a global community of men and women from dozens of disciplines working on the next big—or in some cases very small—new thing.

Just about every engineer or technologist we have spoken to, particularly for our Dream Job series, has told us that there was someone—a mom, a dad, an aunt, an uncle, a teacher, a robotics coach, a philosophy teacher, a local librarian, who told them to go ahead, that they could make a difference. To see problems and try to solve them, either by recombining and reimagining existing technologies, or by creating solutions that are entirely utterly crazily new.

Engineering and technology are about people—new technologies don’t just magically appear, people create them. Spectrum hopes to inspire tomorrow leaders by writing about these exciting new developments and puling back the curtain a bit on how they actually come into being.

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