KooKoo, the GPS-Enabled Kitty

From the archives: To track his wandering cat, Mark Spezio rigged up a cat collar with a lightweight GPS logger. Here’s what he discovered.

These days, pet wearables are all the rage. GPS cat collars from the likes of Nuzzle, Pawtrack, Pod, Tractive, and Whistle let users spy on their animal companion’s secret lives. Back in 2009, though, such devices were more the realm of DIYers like Mark Spezio. We featured Spezio and his cat KooKoo in this video above:

In the five-plus years since the video came out, much has changed in the lives of Spezio and his cat. Spezio got married, he and his wife, Jenaira, moved from New York’s Long Island to northern New Jersey, and he now co-owns a company called love2brew, which sells kits and supplies to home beer and wine makers. Spezio still plays the guitar (that’s him on the video’s soundtrack), but these days it’s just for his own entertainment. And he still has KooKoo, as well as KooKoo’s brother, Bear, although the 8-year-old felines have given up their peripatetic lifestyles.

“We live by a busy road, and we got tired of worrying about them,” Spezio explains. “They seem healthier indoors, and they have each other to play with. I think they’re happy.”