Kinect Fusion Lets You Build 3-D Models of Anything

The new API will make it easy to generate 3-D models with a handheld Kinect

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At Microsoft's annual TechFest on Tuesday, international research teams had a chance to show off their latest tools, toys, and APIs—to each other, and to us. We got a look at everything, including a robot-powered Haptic touch screen, a gesture recognition API from Jamie Shotton, a custom Kinect avatar builder, and lots of real-time 3-D capture software that will be on it's way to you soon.

Here's Kinect Fusion, which can live 3-D model anything that will stand still, including me. Brought to you by the Microsoft Research Cambridge team--who also brought you KinEtre

We'll be bringing you plenty more videos from TechFest. Up next, a Kinect Fusion-based prototype that neurosurgeons could use to visualize brain tumors and surgery plans.