Video Tour: All of iRobot's Coolest Stuff

Nancy Dussault Smith takes us on a tour of iRobot's greatness

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Evan Ackerman is IEEE Spectrum’s robotics editor.

Video Tour: All of iRobot's Coolest Stuff

A week or two ago we promised you some incredible video from deep inside iRobot’s super secret volcano lair, and today, we’re delivering. We’ve got 25 awesome minutes of Nancy Dussault Smith, vice president of marketing communications at iRobot, giving us a personal tour of the company’s museum, with artifacts ranging from Colin Angle‘s first robot all the way to experimental projects that never made it into production.

Robot fans will certainly recognize a lot of these projects, and beyond the actual robots themselves, you’ll also recognize how iRobot’s experiments have influenced all sorts of subsequent projects in the realms of both research and industry. But man, it’s kind of crazy just how much stuff iRobot has been involved in, isn’t it?

Oh, and that last little bit that Nancy mentioned about swarms of robots talking to each other and maintaining your home for you? She’s not confirming or denying anything, of course, but based on other vague rumors we’ve heard over the years, our money is on Roombas and Scoobas that talk to each other wirelessly and coordinate their cleaning schedules to make sure that (for example) your kitchen floor gets vacuumed and then washed. Look for it in the Roomba 900 series, which doesn’t exist yet, although if it did and we accidentally caught a glimpse of it during our tour, we definitely wouldn’t be able to tell you.

If you’re not sated by all the tasty info in this vid, check out the link below, which is a nifty interactive infographic thing exploring iRobot’s past.

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