U.S. Wind and Solar Grants Go Heavily to European Firms

Germans worry why their solar subsidies are going to China. Should Americans have similar qualms?

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This week the United States announced grants for wind and solar projects totaling more than $500 million. The bulk of the money will go to a handful of big wind projects and programs, most of them being developed by European companies: $284 to Spain’s Iberdrola; $47.4 million to Energias de Portugal; $42.2 million to EverPowerWindHoldings, in which Britain’s TerraFirma Capital Partners has the controlling stake. Germans have been fretting that their extraordinarily generous solar subsidies—put in place partly to foster development of a German photovoltaics industry— have been going of late largely to Chinese startups. Should Americans have similar concerns? I don't know the answer. Just asking.

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Greg Mably

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