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To Probe Further: Mumbai

Where to find out more about Mumbai, its power grid, and India's electricity sector

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For an academic overview of how Mumbai is changing, read Bombay and Mumbai: The City in Transition, edited by Sujata Patel and Jim Masselos; Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2003.

If you want to feel the pulse of the city through fascinating characters and great writing, check out Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found , by Suketu Mehta Vintage Books, New York, 2004.

More information about Mumbai’s utilities and how they are regulated is available at the Web sites of Tata Power Company (https://www.tatapower.com), Reliance Energy Limited (https://www.rel.co.in), and Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (https://www.mercindia.org.in).

For a fascinating exploration of blackouts in the Mumbai area, read ”Experience of Blackouts and Restoration Practices in Western Region of India,” by Anjan Roy, P. Pentayya, and S.A. Khaparde; IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2004; 6-10 June 2004; Vol. 2, pp. 2340�2345.

The Indian power sector is undergoing rapid change and you can get some of the details in these two articles: ”India's Fast-Growing Power Sector,” by R.G. Yadav, A. Roy, S.A. Khaparde, and P. Pentayya; IEEE Power and Energy Magazine , July-Aug. 2005, pp. 39-48 and ”Power Sector Reforms and Restructuring in India,” by S.A. Khaparde; IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2004, 6-10 June 2004, Vol. 2, pp. 2328�2335.

Read what Rangan Banerjee of IIT-Bombay, one of India’s leading experts on demand side management, has to say about load management issues in these two articles: ”Integrating Demand Side Options in Electric Utility Planning: A Multiobjective Approach,” by D. Chattopadhyay, R. Banerjee, and J. Parikh; IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, May 1995, pp 657�663 and ”Optimal Operation of Industrial Cogeneration for Load Management,” by S. Ashok and R. Banerjee; IEEE Transactions on Power Systems , May 2003, pp. 931�937.

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