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This Gift Will Help Your Aspiring Engineer Learn Technology

Know someone that is hard to shop for? We have the perfect gift for you.

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Think back to when you were a young and an eager beginner in technology. Remember the first time you took apart your first PC, wrote your first line of code, learned how to hack Doom. The easiest way to learn technology was (and is) by being hands-on.


“Hands-on learning is 15X more effective than passive learning (ie. lectures).”


Learning Technology Today

Getting started in technology can be intimidating. If you want to learn technology these days, there aren’t many great options.


Online Courses

Since these are purely digital, you don’t get the hands-on experience of building electronics. These often end up being just coding lessons.



Most schools don’t even offer electronics and programming in their curriculum. Even fewer engage students in hands-on learning. If you’re lucky, you might find a school that has an afterschool program led by a passionate STEM educator.


“There are nearly 500,000 open Computing jobs in the U.S. alone.”


Educational Hands-on Products

You can find some hands-on projects that use block code and snap-on parts, but these are often oversimplified to the point that you don’t even learn the fundamentals. When you remove the potential of making mistakes, you lose the connection to how things work in the real world.


What happened to the good ole days of getting your hands dirty with real hardware and programming?


The truth is, people learn best by doing.


That’s why we created Creation Crate, a tech subscription box that prepares learners for the jobs of the future by teaching them how to build awesome DIY electronic projects!



Here are 5 reasons why Creation Crate is the perfect gift for your aspiring engineer!

  1. An Educational Hands-on learning curriculum

Would you rather build your own bluetooth speaker, or read a textbook on electronics? Hands-on learning is not only more engaging, but fun too. Learning shouldn’t be a chore, and Creation Crate makes sure of that.


Creation Crate combines hands-on learning with educational electronics courses to teach electronics, circuits, coding, critical thinking, problem solving, and more!


“I am majoring in STEM (physics and computer science double-major), and I ordered this mainly for the purpose of tinkering and expanding my computer engineering knowledge through independent projects, and even for me, this bundle ended up being incredibly handy and interesting. Thank you guys, and good luck in the future!” - Roman F.

  1. Introduces real-world hardware

If there was ever a time to be an aspiring engineer, it’s now! The cost of components is a fraction of what it was ten years ago. Anyone can get access to the hardware and software used in everyday tech careers.


So why settle for anything but the real thing? 


With Creation Crate, everything necessary is delivered in a kit to your door. Kits include all the components needed to build your project. You will also find access to an online classroom with detailed step-by-step video tutorials. 


Each project uses an Uno R3 (Arduino-compatible) Microcontroller, a small programmable computer that acts as the brain of the project. 


They’ll also learn how to use components like a Breadboard, Ultrasonic Sensor, LED Matrix, 7-Segment Display, Accelerometer, Distance, Pressure, Temperature, & Humidity  Sensors, LCD Screen, Keypad, Microphone Module, Resistors, Servo Motors, Motor Driver Board, and more!

  1. Teaches popular programming languages

Learning how to program is a tedious but rewarding process. Most engineering careers in technology require an understanding of programming languages like Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and others. 


With Creation Crate, students will learn how to write their own computer programs in the Arduino language (C/C++) to make their projects come to life!


Each project will introduce different lessons in programming C++. Here are a few examples of what they’ll learn:

  • What are Comments and Variables?

  • Randomizing Outputs

  • Arrays and Functions

  • Detecting variable input values

  • If/Else statements

  1. Challenging projects

As your aspiring engineer progresses through the curriculum, they’ll learn how to build and program electronic projects that become more challenging as they learn new lessons. They’ll learn how to build things like...

  • A color-changing mood lamp that activates when the lights are off

  • An optical theremin that let you create music simply by waving your hands

  • A Bluetooth speaker that plays music from your phone

  • A rover bot that avoids obstacles and follows lines

By the end of the curriculum, they’ll have more hands-on learning experience in hardware and programming than many students receive in a four year degree!


“Creation Crate fills a void that has existed in the Tech Subscription box world. Most kits are aimed at the very young or adults with extra income. Creation Crate is affordable and challenges tweens and teens (and at least one adult!). I especially appreciate the manner in which the project challenges build from month to month.” - Justin D.

  1. Great family activity

Family activities create everlasting memories. The key to a great family activity is to do something that everyone enjoys and is interested in.


Unlike every other “learn electronics kit” out there, this isn’t just for kids and teens. Even adults will find the projects fun and challenging! That’s why Creation Crate makes the perfect family activity for parents looking to spend more quality time with their child.


“By high school, a child will have used up 90% of in-person parent time” - Tim Urban (Author Wait But Why)


Unpack Their Potential

Americans spend almost $13 billion on unwanted presents each year. Why not gift something that’s not only fun, but will help develop a lifelong skill?


Gift a  Creation Crate  subscription today and help someone realize their potential!

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