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Thermal Made Easy with Nolato’s Thermal Guide

A unique online tool to simplify life for thermal engineers.

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Standard TIM portfolio with filters, PDS download, and sample order functions

You’re designing your latest and greatest application, you’ve got it on the lab bench, everything is running … hot. So, you need an interface material to put between the heat source and the heat sink. You reach into your cabinet for the old samples of whatever you’ve been using for the last five years, mount it, and … disaster! It’s no longer enough – the new product is too high-powered to work with the same old solution!

What to do…?

Easy on the perspiration – we’ve got just the tool to help you out.

You find it here.

Standard TIM portfolio with filters, PDS download, and sample order functions

The entry page is simply a catalogue of our standard thermal management portfolio. You can switch between list and thumbnail views, filter on some basic parameters, and check materials you are interested in and compare key characteristics side by side.

More importantly, the entry page allows you to download data sheets and – most importantly of all – order free samples of any material, delivered within a week.

But the real magic begins when you press the “START GUIDE” button under the Compatherm Interactive Design Guide header.

This gives you a simple tool for making a first-order approximation to determine a reasonable starting point in finding the best material to use in your application, just by entering the most basic parameters to describe your design.

The nifty tool to make TIM selection easy in a few convenient steps

The first step is to select whether your bondline gap is defined by some mechanical features in the assembly and their tolerances (i.e. an application for a gap filling material), or by direct pressure between the interface surfaces, affected by no other tolerances than those of the surfaces themselves (i.e. an application for a thin bondline material).

The remaining steps will ask you to enter:

  • Contact pressure or Bondline dimensions (for thin bondline or gap filling applications, respectively)

  • Heat source dimensions

  • Dissipated thermal power

  • Heat source temperature

  • Heat sink temperature

And that’s it!

From these inputs the Guide will present you with the three most likely candidates to solve the issue at hand. The proper thicknesses will be pre-selected, and you need only put them in the shopping basket and check out as free samples.

A few days later, they will arrive at your door, ready for testing in your latest and greatest application!

Any question marks or uncertainties, and the info-bubbles  are there to help you along.

If you have an interest in EMC gaskets, the Gasket Guide will give you access to our impressive range of standard gaskets to EMC, IP, or combined EMC/Environmental sealing gaskets with competent filtering tools to help you select proper dimensions, with access to specifications and free samples.

Regarding the Thermal Guide, there is a slight twist to this tale, though: what the Thermal Guide presents you with, is our full standard portfolio, which is quite comprehensive all by itself. However, each of the Compatherm Pad materials is also available with our full range of standard options – de-tackified surfaces, added PI or aluminium carriers, adhesive surfaces, etc., and multitudinous permutations of different combinations thereof.

These options are not available through the Thermal Guide. Samples of these are available through your territorial Nolato Silikonteknik sales contact.

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