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The Wave Function and Quantum Dots: Nanotechnology Videos

An interview with a noted nanoscientist and quantum dots for camera sensors on video

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The other day I was critical of the UK’s nanotechnology strategy document. However, I am a great admirer of the UK scientists and engineers working in the field of nanotechnology, which makes the recent strategy document such a double disappointment.

To sort of atone for my criticism, I wanted to highlight a UK-based researcher, Professor Philip Moriarty at the University of Nottingham, who first came to my attention a few years back on the pages of Richard Jones’ blog Soft Machines , when Moriarty had organized a debate on the subject of radical nanotechnology, otherwise known as molecular nanotechnology. I also recently noted his ability to secure funding for his research to test the theories of molecular manufacturing, and wondered if he can do it why aren’t more molecular manufacturing theorists doing it.

So I was pleased to see the nanotech-focused blog 10minus9 has just recently completed a two-part interview with Moriarty that is worth a read.

Just as a primer and some visual entertainment, I thought I would also post this video of him attempting to describe, explain or define (whichever you think appropriate) the Wave Function.


As long we’re on the subject of quantum mechanics, nanotechnology and sharing videos, I thought I would refer you to a recent blog post here  on Spectrum’s Tech Talk that discusses the use by InVisage Technologies of quantum dots for camera sensors.

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