Snapshots--By the Numbers

The human toll, and World Trade Center facts and figures

  • 11 September–The Human Toll
  • World Trade Center Facts and Figures
  • Status of WTC Technology Companies

11 September—The Human Toll

Totals of dead and missing in attacks, as of October 17, 2001:

New York City:
World Trade Center: 4613 missing; 3456 confirmed dead

  • 80 nationalities represented in the dead and missing toll, according to U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • The New York Fire Department lost 343 people in its 11 400-member force; one out of every 33 people on the force

Those on hijacked planes:

  • American Flight 11: 92
  • United Flight 175: 65

Washington, D.C.:
Pentagon: 189 killed:

  • American Flight 77, which hit the Pentagon: 64 dead
  • United Flight 93, believed to be bound for Washington: 44 killed in Pennsylvania crash

Sources: Associated Press, National Public Radio, Times of London, New York Times

World Trade Center–Facts and Figures

Consisted of seven buildings

Architects: Minoru Yamasaki & Associates; Emery Roth & Sons–for Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Main plot occupied by five of the buildings: 293 m by 216 m (63 268 m2)


917 466 cubic meters of earth excavated

181 436 960 kg of steel used

324 936 cubic meters of concrete used

3500 workers daily during peak periods of construction

43 600 windows–55 742 m2 of glass window area in the Twin Towers

Largest refrigeration plant in the world–54 431 088 kg of cooling capacity

110-m television mast atop 1 World Trade Center supported 10 main television antennas and a master FM antenna

1 World Trade Center — North Tower

  • Built 1970
  • Height: 417 m–110 floors
  • Floor sizes (9—105) 4181—4645 m2
  • Elevators: 97 passenger, 6 freight

2 World Trade Center–South Tower

  • Built 1972
  • Height: 415 m–110 floors
  • Floor sizes (2—109 )4181—4645 m2
  • Elevators: 97 passenger, 6 freightv Notable Comments:

Minoru Yamasaki, chief architect:

"World trade means world peace and consequently, the World Trade Center buildings…had a bigger purpose than just to provide room for tenants. The World Trade Center is a living symbol of man’s dedication to world peace."

Austin Tobin, the head of the Port Authority, who commissioned the Center:

"[The towers are] the first buildings of the twenty-first century."

Status of WTC Technology Companies

Company Tower Floor What Firm Does Employees at WTC Status of Employees and Business
America Bright Signs North 33 Computer services 3 All escaped safely. Employees are working out of the French embassy in NYC.
AT&T North 51 Telecom 8 to 10 Reports no damage to network; All employees escaped.
Baseline South 77-78 Software 175 Four employees are still missing.
Broadview Networks North 53 Telecom 10 All employees accounted for.
Channel 11 (WPIX) North 110 Television 1 One technician monitoring the transmitter is missing. Channel is broadcasting by backup antenna at Empire State Building and via cable.
Channel 2 (WCBS) North 110 Television 2 Two technicians at transmitter are missing. Channel is broadcasting from backup antenna on Empire State Building.
Channel 31 (WBIS) North 110 Television Unmanned technical station All employees survived.
Channel 4 (WNBC) North 104 Television Unmanned technical station All employees survived.
Channel 47 (WNJU) North 110 Television Unmanned technical station All employees survived.
Channel 5 (WNYW) North 110 Television Unmanned technical station All employees survived.
Communications Workers of America N/A N/A Telecom 216 Known casualties included five Verizon workers (two of whom were at the Pentagon); one worker at each of the television networks, NBC and ABC; four Port Authority workers; one retired member who perished aboard an airliner used in the terrorist attack. 204 members remain unaccounted for.
Dahao USA North 46 Software 4 All employees survived.
General Telecom North 83 Telecom 37 Thirteen employees are missing. Company has moved to new offices on W. 22nd St. in Manhattan.
Genuity North 105 Tech 10 Three technicians working on the 105th floor were last heard heading for the roof of the building. They are missing.
IQ Financial Systems South 83 Software 110 All but four employees are accounted for and safe. Business will resume shortly.
Kanebo Information Systems Corp., U Computers North 46 Computer services 4 Three employees and one temp escaped safely, but company cannot locate or contact them now.
Martin progressive L.L.C. Computer North 77 Computer services 80 All safe.
Meganet Management Consulting North 46 Computing   All employees evacuated safely.
MRV Communications N/A N/A Networking N/A Edmund Glazer, 41, CFO, was killed in one of the hijacked planes.
Network Plus North 81 Telecom 51 All safe.
Quantum/ATL North 78 Data Storage 4 All employees are safe. Business is running with employees working remotely.
Raytheon         Four employees, passengers on flights that crashed into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, died.
SunGard South 58 e-Commerce 8 All WTC workers are safe. Of about 20 other employees visiting clients, three are missing. Supporting customers from sites in Chicago and on the West Coast.
The North 80 Computer services   All employees are reported safe.
Thermo Electron North 85 Biomedical Devices 9 Three workers were on site at time of attack. All escaped
Tianli     Electrical Machinery   Could not be reached.
Trading Technologies North 86 Software 7 All seven employees are safe.
Unisys N/A N/A Computer services 150 All service personnel in WTC accounted for and safe.
Verizon Communications South 9-12 Telecom 500 Six employees are missing. Collapse sent steel beams crashing through a nearby Verizon Facility, cause outages of some 200,000 telephone lines.