Rohde & Schwarz Paves the Way for Smart Cities

Smart cities improve our lives and make us safer. R&S provides technologies that will help this vision become reality

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Street lighting will adapt to your movement and you will no longer have to spend time looking for a parking spot. An app connected to your fridge will tell you what you need to buy. When you walk past a store, it will offer a special deal on just the product you were looking for. Smart cities will make many aspects of everyday life more convenient.

T&M enables 5G, and 5G enables networking

In order for smart cities to function properly, all of their technologies and components have to interact smoothly. Special T&M equipment is needed to ensure that the signals and components meet the specifications of mobile communications standards and to show developers what is and isn't possible. Network operators rely on T&M instruments to set up, maintain and monitor the quality of their networks. Rohde & Schwarz offers industry-leading solutions for all of these tasks.

Smart cities made safe

Connectivity makes smart cities more convenient, but also more vulnerable. Safety-critical infrastructures such as power grids and traffic management systems need to be reliably protected against cyberattacks. Rohde & Schwarz protects these infrastructures with state-of-the-art cybersecurity.

Rohde & Schwarz – we pave the way for smart cities.
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