Your Favorite Cheeseburger Here

The "Best Meal Rankings" idea has been upgraded from an abstract topic of heated debate, to a large sheet of white paper covered in doodles and surrounded by ten people having a heated debate.

How do you start? Do you start with one meal? Best cheeseburger? Best cheeseburger in New York? Does that mean hamburger or just cheeseburger? Are you on Facebook? Myspace? (ugh.... Friendster?)

All these questions will be tortured for 13 hours tomorrow and 13 hours Sunday. Tomorrow we won't be here, but on Sunday we'll be blogging with video. And the Meal Ranking idea will have a real name, a web site, and who knows, maybe it'll be ready to accept your nomination. That's your homework, Tech Talk readers: Figure out your favorite cheeseburger. Defend it mightily.

And what happens after Sunday? Ask the past alumni. July's Boulder, C.O., Startup weekend resulted in Vosnap, an online polling tool. For more coverage of the Startup Weekend, check out Silicon Alley Insider and Download Squad.


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