Video reveals moment of bridge collapse

A video taken from a bridge surveillance camera located on near the north side of the bridge shows the moment the structure gave way, falling from south to north. The video clearly shows the bridge's design. This is a box truss bridge--the steel girders supporting the road deck are not anchored into supporting concrete caissons in the water, but rather arc over the river and connect to concrete piers standing on the shore on either side of the river.

Also: White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said this morning at a news conference that the 2005 inspection report gave the bridge a rating of 50 out of a possible 120, and noted some structural deficiencies, though he wasn't specific. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty noted this morning that earlier inspections did find deficiencies in the bridge, but did not indicate that it was in immediate need of replacement.

National Transportation Safety Board chairman Mark V. Rosenker said that the NTSB has already started its investigation. "This will be a complex investigation, these are engineering issues that will have to be determined, materials issues that we will be studying, and they don't come quickly."


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