Time to Start Mourning the Living in Nanotech

I was alerted to the recent news that Unidym was closing its Houston offices and consolidating their operations in California.

Some see the news of the Houston plant closing regretfully as the end of Richard Smalleyâ''s Carbon Nanotech Inc. (CNI). They really shouldnâ''t.

They should have counted the sale of CNI over a year ago to Unidym for $5.4 million worth of Arrowhead Research shares, which considering the capital that had already been pumped into CNI was like getting the company for free, as the final denouement of the company.

This sorry tale was told some time ago on this blog.

But what should really get people concerned is that Unidym seems to be getting sold off in bits and pieces at bargain basement prices to Tokyo Electron.

Meanwhile as Rome is burning, Technology Review plays the fiddle describing how Unidymâ''s conducting nanotube films are about to hit the market. I think this is what you call cruel irony.


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