The Ubiquitous Nano-Enabled Consumer Product List

It seems that ever since nanotechnology first started getting mentioned in the mainstream media, it has been incumbent upon the reporter to make a list of all the consumer products that contain nanotechnology (but of course not without first trotting out the â''1 to 100nm sizeâ'' definition).

Now we have a 287-page book that lists all these consumer products, and adds in products that contain MEMSâ'¿I suppose to lengthen the listâ'¿not quite sure.

When I first started to see these lists in news stories, I sort of saw them as big parentheses: â''Time to go on to the next paragraphâ''. But then I realized how entertaining these lists can actually become, you should try it yourself.

The ones used for the PR for this new book are some of the most entertaining yet.

Hereâ''s one: â''Lab-on-a-chip devices that can detect a heart attack in just minutesâ''. I am pretty sure when you are having a heart attack, you can detect it yourself without any aid in â''just secondsâ''.

This one had me scratching my head: â''Sensors implanted into the body to wirelessly monitor pressureâ''. After mulling this one over, I decided they meant â''blood pressureâ''. Not quite sure, but thatâ''s my pick and I am going to stick with it.

Not sure why you would need a sensor implanted in your body to monitorâ'¿well, any kind of pressure. It seems the ones they just put on the outside of your body do a pretty good job.

Oh the list goes on, and itâ''s fun. Like I said, you should try it.


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