Our February issue centers around the notion of finding a job in the field of engineering that offers professional and personal satisfaction, along with those intangibles that are hard to describe but easy to recognize when they materialize. To get things rolling, we begin with an overview of the people we've profiled in "Dream Jobs 2007", who range from a forensics engineer who spends his days picking apart crime and accident scenes to a former telecom exec who now designs high-performance electric roadsters.

Next, we ask you to get in on the proceedings. First, take a moment to answer our poll question (on the front page of Spectrum Online): "Have you found your dream job yet?" Then drop us a line to tell us a little about your particular "dream job"—or what you wish it could be—at At the end of the month, we'll share some of the best descriptions with your colleagues in the engineering field. Spectrum Online is your community resource, so feel free to be an active participant in it.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say about your career. And so do your fellow engineers.


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