Taiwan claims almost $10 billion economic impact from nanotechnologies

After pouring in a reported NT$18.9 billion ($615 million) to a six-year program developed by the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) to support the application of nanotechnology for commercial use, the CEPD is now prepared to say that this has helped create NT$300 billion ($9.68 billion) in nanotechnology production value.

Weâ''ll certainly have to take the Taiwanese governmentâ''s word for this figure based on the published reports since there is little other data to support the claim.

The only specifics provided pertain to a commercial project that has not yet launched in the field of MRAM (magnetic random access memory) that is reported to have a production value of over NT$10 billion ($320 million).

The more general information claims that â''800 Taiwanese manufacturers mainly from electronic industries and traditional industries, which have upgraded these industries by making value-added products such as textiles with an anti-bacterial purifying finishâ'' make up this $9.68 billion impact.

There is no question that Taiwan has a well-organized (an actual strategic plan), well-funded and highly centralized nanotechnology initiative that has a native industrial base, primarily electronics, which will benefit from innovations provided by nanotechnology. So, if any country is going to reap the benefits of its nanotechnology initiative, it would likely be a country like Taiwan.

But it would be nice to support these numbers with some more specifics. It leaves me wondering where all the nanotechnology- economic-metric skeptics have gone.


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