Special Issue: The Future of Big Cities

This month, we'll focus on the challenges facing the world's largest cities and whether technology will be up to the task of keeping them secure and sustainable. In an overview, Editor-in-Chief Susan Hassler notes that, for good or bad, half of the world's population already lives in cities and that this percentage will leap to three in five by the year 2030. As the global population grows and concentrates, how will we cope with the demands skyscraping cities will place on governments, economies, and the environment?

Our staff of experienced technology reporters recently traveled the world to interview experts in all areas of urban planning and engineering in a quest to gather feasible solutions to this towering question. Review their reports and presentations in our Feature Articles section to judge on your own whether we are headed into a foreboding future or we are ready to take the future on dauntlessly with the ideas and tools we have in our grasp now—in order to save us from our very selves.

[Also, visit Spectrum's special report on The Megacity, with online extras and audio and video exclusives.]


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