Remembering PC Power Activist Glenn DeWeese

from the desk of Senior Editor Jean Kumagai:

Glenn DeWeese is dead. And the world is the worse for it.

I never met the man, never even knew he existed until I stumbled

across a story just now in The Oklahoman. But

to judge by his accomplishments, he was a man of both action and


For the last four years, up until his sudden and untimely death this

weekend, DeWeese had led a nonprofit group in Tulsa called PC

Power, which refurbishes recent-model personal computers and

distributes them, free, to kids at risk.

According to the story, DeWeese, a retired police officer, had been

inspired to found PC Power while helping his grandson with a homework

assignment that involved an Internet search:

"Long after the simple search was finished, and the homework was

done, the assignment continued to bother DeWeese. He had a computer

and knew enough about computers to help his grandson. But what about

those families who couldn't afford a family computer? How did those

children do their homework assignment?"

Rather than just feel bad and then move on with his life, DeWeese

decided to start rebuilding computers, which were then distributed at

Christmas time with the help of the Tulsa Police Department.

According to the story, PC Power has announced that despite DeWeese's

absence, this year's distribution of 85 computers--the fifth such

drive--will go forward and the group's efforts will continue.

So did DeWeese really help those families in need? In the online

comments, a reader notes, rather dismissively, that "A PC without an

Internet connection is like trying to enter a library that has locked

its doors for the night." But another commenter responds: "maybe you

could turn on internet for a dozen of his is a step in the

right direction..."

That's the spirit. DeWeese did the hard thing: he backed up his good

intentions with good deeds. And in doing so, he showed us a way of



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