Re: "A League Of Extraordinary Women"

V Scofield responding to A League Of Extraordinary Women, on 3/24/06, said:

I am a female that holds both a BSEE and a BSCS degrees and would like to offer an my insight of why women don't go into engineering. I have found that there is a pervasive attitude that women are incapable of the task and are covertly and overtly discouraged. While I was in school, head of the department stated I would never make it through the program the first time I met him (luckily, he retired the next year and was replaced by a great person). I was constantly asked by my peers in college if I was there for my M.R.S. among other things. Not only did I make it through (one of three females in my class), but I made it through with a double major.

Now my daughter is persuing her BSEE and is finding the same attitude but more overtly.

I believe attitudes are the key to encouraging future women engineers: positive attitudes from others, the individuals' own belief in herself and a skin of steel.


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