China, poor no more

Speaking of China, by 2025, China with go from almost entirely poor to having hardly any poor, according to a set of demographic stats and projections about its economy released yesterday by the analysts at McKinsey.

1985 - 95.2%

2025 - 2.6%

Meanwhile, the affluent classes will go from including almost no one to more than one-third the population.

1985 - 1.7%

2025 - 36.4%

And the largest demographic keeps moving up the economic ladder, decade by decade.

2005 - poor - 50.5%

2015 - lower middle class - 38.6%

2025 - upper middle class - 51.1%

It's worth remember that 51 percent of China is nearly the entire population of Europe, and more than twice the number of adults in the U.S., poor, affluent, and otherwise.


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