Planning to develop an iPhone app and quit your day job? Stanford will help you for free.


Fridayâ''s New York Times repeated the oft-toldâ''and in this case trueâ''story of Ethan Nicholas, who developed a killer iphone app, iShoot, made $800,000 in five months, and quit his job at Sun Microsystems to work on iphone apps full time. He followed in the footsteps of Steve Demeter, who reported that he made $250,000 in two months with Trism, a color-matching puzzle.

While the vast majority of iPhone apps will make their developers pocket change at best, not life-changing millions, you have to think that these success stories will inspire more than a few of the tech savvy to head to their basements/garages/home offices/dining room tables and try to be the next Nicholas or Demeter.

And Stanford University has decided to help. The school just started posting videos of its popular 10-week course, iPhone Application Programming, online for free at Stanfordâ''s iTunes U. Videos will go up two days after each live class.


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