NYC Startup Weekend: The Home Stretch

It's Sunday night at Startup Weekend NYC, and the remaining fourteen or so people look tired-they're in the 28th hour of work since the normal week ended. The group has honed the initial idea into a concrete product: A Facebook application where users can rank specific meals at local restaurants.

Startup Weekend founder Andrew Hyde tells me that a Facebook application should be able to generate page views much quicker than a standalone web page. Facebook also taps a user base built around college campuses, where questions like "Where's the best hamburger under $5?" and "Where's a good Thursday night happy hour?" are of utmost concern.

Yesterday, the creative team came up with the name and logo:


Now the programmers are furiously coding to make the software actually work. Most of them had never coded for Facebook in particluar, so they had an initial learning curve to climb. Andrew thinks they'll have to leave the premises before they launch, but the development team expects to be done sometime before tomorrow morning.

Over the two and a half days, more than 80 people have chipped in their time to create Favoreats-now there's just a few more hours until their vision and work hit Facebook.


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