New York Renames Skyscraper 1 World Trade Center

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has decided to rename the future skyscraper being built on the site of the September 11 terrorist attack on New York City as 1 World Trade Center.

According to a report in the New York Daily News, the name Freedom Tower is out for the 1776-foot tall building that is expected to be completed in early 2011. The name 1 World Trade Center would more fully match the goal of the project, according to the Port Authority.

"As we market the building, we will insure that it is presented in the best possible way, and 1 World Trade Center is the address that we're using," said Port Authority (PA) Chairman Anthony Coscia. "It's the one that is easiest for people to identify with. And frankly, we've gotten a very interested and warm reception to it."

The new name should also send a strong message to those who are still alive who had any part in the despicable acts that leveled the original World Trade Center complex. And it could send an equally important message to Americans and their allies that the United States does not fear any possible attempts at retribution from its enemies.

New York City planners point out that, officially, the actual parcel of land the growing skyscraper sits on is 1 World Trade Center, according to its own maps, which record the property as a crime scene.

"This is a piece of real estate," said PA Executive Director Chris Ward. "It has an address. Legally, it is 1 World Trade Center."

That should go a long way to rebuilding the resolve of the American public.

The terrorists didn't hate us just for our freedom, they hated us for our trade with the world.


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