New top supercomputers list

It's that time of year again. In June and in November the supercomputing world submits its scores to see who has outFLOPped whom.

The new list at shows that Roadrunner remains on top, but only because it's had some upgrades in the last 6 months. The good folks at top500 say Roadrunner (which is among the most energy efficient because of its Cell processors) narrowly fended off a newcomer, Oak Ridge National Lab's Jaguar, which became only the second machine to top a petaflop.

1 DOE/NNSA/LANL Roadrunner

2 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Jaguar XT-5

3 NASA/Ames Research Center/NAS Pleiades


5 Argonne National Laboratory Blue Gene/P

6 Texas Advanced Computing Center/Univ. of Texas Ranger

7 NERSC/LBNL Franklin

8 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Jaguar XT-4

9 NNSA/Sandia National Laboratories Red Storm

10 Shanghai Supercomputer Center Dawning 5000A

The geography of supercomputing has gotten pretty skewed of late in favor of the United States. The New York Times did a nice infographic showing the location of the top 50. Of the new top 10 only number 10, Shanghai-based Dawning 5000A, is outside the United States. From the entire list of 500, 290 are in the United States. My personal favorite this year, India's EKA, was ejected from the top 10 back in June.


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