New entry in the hydrogen car marketâ¿¿but itâ¿¿s only 220 mm tall


Itâ''s a small step down the hydrogen highway, but could turn out to be a significant one. After all, if you get used to a technology in the form of a toy, it doesnâ''t seem so daunting when it grows up.

That is the strategy of Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, a company whose goal is to integrate fuel cells into a wide range of products, starting small, evolving towards bigger and higher power applications. The Singapore-based company started in 2003 with fuel-cell science kits. Itâ''s working on an inexpensive charger for consumer devices. And at Toy Fair next week in New York City, itâ''s introducing a fuel-cell powered radio-controlled car, made in cooperation with Corgi Internationalâ''the H2GO. The company says the car can run about 5 minutes on a â''tankâ'' of fuel, but the on-board hydrogen fuel cell recharges in moments when the car docks with refueling station. A solar cell powers the refueling station, that breaks down tap water into hydrogen and oxygen, releases the oxygen, and pumps the hydrogen into a balloon in the car. It also powers the remote. And even the carâ''s body is environmentally friendlyâ''itâ''s made of wheat-based plastic.

The H2GO is slated to go on the market for $99.99 in September.


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