Nanotechnology IQ Test with an iPod at Stake


In an attempt to promote their newly designed website, the Project on Emerging Technology, which has established itself as a sort of nanotech watchdog, is running a five-question â''Nano-IQâ'' test and from those who take the test five free iPod Nanos will be randomly distributed.

I suppose that it doesnâ''t strike anyone as odd that an iPod Nano is the prize for the test. The â''Nanoâ'' tag on the smaller version of the iPod has confused many, and its connection to nanotechnology could be considered by some as tenuous at best since the tie is mainly based on the use of giant magnetoresistance (GMR). This blog provided a link to the whole controversy back in August.

Not done with just making the prize an iPod Nano, one of the five questions also involves discerning whether iPods are an application of nanotechnology. Hereâ''s a hint: to the folks at Project for Emerging Technology it does.

Some in the nanotech blog community have begun to question whether the Project on Emerging Technology has too much to gain by ensuring that the higher the number of consumer products that contain nanotechnology, the greater the public alarm, and greater the need to turn to the Project for assistance.

The â''Nano-IQâ'' test beyond its promotional qualities is designed somehow to educate the populace on nanotechnology. This is a matter of great concern to the Project based on the findings of a poll they conducted back in September in which penetrating insights were discovered such as â''Individuals with less education and lower incomes are least likely to have heard about nanotechnology.â''

I guess no one cared to point out that individuals with less education and lower incomes probably know less about the production of organic foods. But I guess that is not as much of a threat to society as them knowing less about nanotechnology.


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