Nanotech-enabled Batteries To Constitute A New US Auto Industry

We now have Howard Lovy, former editor of Small Times, writing for two blogs. His own supposedly more provocative Nanobot blog and now back again at Small Times.

If his recent entry on the state of battery technology for automobiles on the new Small Times blog is supposed to be a more restrained version of his Nanobot blog, then he will be forced to incite riots on his old blog just to keep up. I hope he can keep it up.

I liked this bit in particular, when discussing the automotive industryâ''s heel dragging when it came to electric-powered automobiles:

It's not that innovation is lacking. Some of the leading research into nanotech-enabled lithium-ion batteries is being done right in my hometown [Detroit]. But only now has it dawned on the federal and state governments to push that innovation forward through financial aid and tax breaks. And only now have U.S. battery companies realized that they can combine some of their efforts to bring those innovations from the lab to the marketplace.

Late and late.

Whether companies developed around supplying nano-enabled batteries can resurrect the US auto industry is debatable. However, there is little doubt that instruments need to be developed and supported to encourage innovation rather than maintaining the status quo.

With Obama making an oath to â''restore science to its rightful placeâ'', one could hope that means it will be taken a bit more seriously, and will be allowed to push innovation and economic growth. Then maybe Mr. Lovy will see his beloved Detroit enjoy a renaissance.


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