Nanobots to overrun the United Kingdom

UK scientists are warning that the number one technological threat to merry ole England is nanotechnologies, likely in the form of â''miniature robotsâ'' enabled by nanotechnology, according to a recent report of the online version of the UKâ''s Daily Telegraph.

The full list of 25 can be found here and it is a hoot. At number nine of â''technologicalâ'' threats is â''frequency of extreme weather eventsâ''. I must say, old chap, I have never seen weather described as technological before.

I am not familiar with the typical editorial policy of UK newspapers, but I understand that over 60% of Telegraph readers are supportive of the local conservative party. This might be why the list is devoid of any mention of CO2 emissions, but a great deal about the after effects of global warming without indicating the causes.

But I mean really, nanobots?! Thatâ''s what you come up with as the number one technological threat.

While the article tries to cover itself by stating â''although their impact is uncertain and some will turn out to be irrelevantâ'', it never probes any further to see how likely these outcomes are.

Sloppy journalism is expected, especially when it comes to the subject of nanotechnology, but these scientists should presumably know better.

While it is not explicit in the article (that would be too much to ask), one has to guess that the â''miniatureâ'' robots enabled by nanotechnology are produced via some sort of molecular assembler that produces these dastardly robots by the billions, leading to great swarms, gray gooâ'¿blah, blah.

Itâ''s one thing to have Prince Charles completely clueless about what nanotechnology is except for what he read in a Michael Crichton novel, but does it really have to extend to British scientists.


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