Nano News Aggregators Unintentionally Humorous

In order to keep up to date on nanotechnology news I use a variety of Internet tools to follow the latest developments in the world of nanotech. The most recent one I have started to acquaint myself with is Alltop.

Once I managed to get over the omission of the â''nanotechnologyâ'' entries made into this TechTalk blog, which are now nicely displayed here, I looked over the list of stories and web sources.

The one that really struck me was a blog called Nanonews, which describes itself as â''News about the newsâ''. But it really isnâ''t. Itâ''s all about Salvia Divinorum, and defending its lawful usage.

Why this subject would give itself a website title â''Nanonewsâ'' or why it would describe itself as â''News about the newsâ'', I have no idea. But what is more perplexing is how this rather odd blog managed to get on a list of web sources for the subject of nanotechnology.

Omission of IEEEâ''s Tech Talk aside, there are a number of other worthy blogs that cover the subject of nanotechnology, such as TNTLog and Nanobot--both of which represent blogs that have been around longer than most and actually have points of view as opposed to being merely press release stenographers.

But knowing something about the subject you are aggregating news items for does not seem to be a high priority. Rather tools for identifying the highest traffic websites that use the term "nano" has become the only way to define a source of information on nanotech.


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