Maker Faire Highlights: Human Powered Vehicles

It's been a week since the Maker Faire in Austin, Texas, and I still have some great video from the event. Everywhere you looked, people were pedaling contraptions that made the average bicycle look boring. Best of all was the Big Wheel: imagine rolling around in a red, yellow, and blue, hand-made ferris wheel, and you're not too far off.

Each of the three riders has a pair of pedals connected to a naked chain (I had to roll up my jeans to avoid getting maimed). It was soon easy to see why I had to sign a waiver. As you pedal forward, the chain turns a gear, which (in theory) moves the huge wheel. All this is complicated the fact that the seats swing back and forth, making it hard to even keep you feet on the pedals. Check out the video-I was just glad to hang onto the camera.


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