Maker Faire Day -1: The Madness Begins

Make Magazine's first Maker Faire in Austin, Texas got under way in earnest last night as hundreds of do-it-yourselfers, crafters, and artists descended on the 228-acre Travis County Fairgrounds to prepare for today's event. Fueled by free beer and tacos, the Makers made merry, blasting flames 200 feet in the air, speeding around on adult-sized Big Wheels, carousing in an impromptu traveling minstrel show and...oh yeah...setting up their displays. IEEE Spectrum is located right near the main stage at this event and our Make/Spectrum DIY contest winner, Don Kirk from Indianapolis, Indiana, set up his $20 trail camera cheek-by-jowl with a DIY keg-o-later sponsored by Popular Science. Google is also here with a huge tent and then there are hundreds more Makers scattered over this vast expanse. They don't do small in Texas. We'll be blogging all day today and tomorrow, posting pictures and video as the show unfolds. Stay tuned....


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