Mainstream Environmentalists Talking About Nanotechnology & Food

In some ways this is one of my worst fears realized, some thinly informed environmentalist getting hold of one of the more extremist anti-nanotechnology manifestos and spreading it on the mainstream press.

I am not sure if one could call The Huffington Post the mainstream press, but I think it may be worse. The mainstream press seems incapable of determining what is actually news worthy nowadays, so it has increasingly turned to blogs to tell them what the news is. And now they have been told that maybe this stuff about nanotechnology in your food is a big story.

What constitutes the one and only source for the bloggerâ''s fears? None other than the Friends of the Earthâ''s â''Out of the laboratory and on to our plates: Nanotechnology in food and agricultureâ'' report, if I may be so kind to call this kind of pseudo research a â''reportâ''.

The article even comes with the priceless photo used on the cover of the report of some faceless scientist with syringe about to shoot some chemicals into a piece of fruit. Propaganda is always so appealing.

I know it is so much more satisfying to read about how big, bad industry is using science to inject our food with poison, but in the name of open-minded inquiry that environmentalists like to give lip service to when they whisper their rationalizations to themselves maybe they could read and watch more reasoned discussions on the subject from here and here.


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