Just because you can build the app, doesnâ¿¿t mean you should

In the Web 2.0 world itâ''s getting easier and easier to build all sorts of applications. But just because you can build the application doesnâ''t mean it should be a company.

Falling into that category at Demofall 07, is MixGet. The premise is simple. Since cell phones can make sounds, and a lot of cell phones in a room can make a lot of sounds, why not orchestrate a piece of music by assigning â''partsâ'' to the different cell phones? The lead cell phone acts as the conductor, all parts are synchronized, and bingo, surround cell-sound.

My guess was that the inventor of MixGet, from Moscowâ''s RedSquare Ventures, got the idea while sitting in a meeting, perhaps, or a crowded bar, when, coincidentally, a number of cell phones rang at once. But I was wrong. Company founder Sergey Tatarchenko told me that he was sitting at home with two cell phones. He got a call, they both rang, and bingo, he thought (OK, not bingo, but I don't know the Russian equivalent), I could make a business out of this.

Heâ''s a nice guy, so Iâ''m sorry to say that I donâ''t think business success is likely anytime soon. But hereâ''s the demo, what do you think?


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