Is IBM Starting A New Nanotech Business Unit?

I have noticed a sudden rash of countries announcing new nanotechnology initiatives backed by IBM's expertise and know-how.


Upon my first recognition of this phenomenon, I wondered whether the fledgling nanotechnology initiative hadn't been a little bit overly hopeful in what IBM could do for them.


But if increased numbers of similar countries, such as Bulgaria and Egypt, doing the same thing are any indication that this is the right path to take in jump starting your national nanotechnology initiative than it appears I was off the mark in the first instance.


While IBM nurtures the nanotechnology dreams of countries around the world, even going so far as to "develop a services science university curriculum", back in the US the State of New York is wondering whether all the money they poured into IBM to lead it into being the Silicon Valley of nanotech may have been a waste of public funds.


It seems that there must be a profit in spreading your knowledge around and not focusing it to the benefit of one region. I feel a "I told you so" coming on.



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