At the beginning of the TechCrunch conference today at San Francisco's Palace Hotel, conference organizers held up an iPhone and asked members of the audience to please turn off these devices. He was not talking about cell phones in general; those of us with old-tech phones just switched them to vibrate. It's the WiFi connectivity that's the concern. At a conference in which nearly every attendee is tapping on a laptop, looking for supplemental material on an interesting presentation or checking email during a boring one, good wireless network access is a must. But conference organizers designed the network here for a thousand laptops, not a thousand laptops plus a thousand iPhones, and iPhone WiFi was bringing the network to its knees.

When I heard this plea to turn off iPhones for the first and second times, I thought the organizers must be kidding, just an excuse to wave their cool new gizmos in the air. But strolling through the aisles during the morning break, I realized that indeed, there are an awful lot of iPhones sitting on the tables. Definitely an iClog.


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