I voted touch screen today


I voted touch screen today. At one p.m., one of the five machines at my local polling place was already down. A screen failure, the poll worker reported, that happened about an hour after the polls opened.

The poll workers were not expecting a repeat of last Novemberâ''s debacle, in which printers ran out of paper and the machines locked up. (The paper is in a tamper proof housing and cannot be changed on site.) Not because a solution to the problem has been found, but because with only a few school board and city council seats in contention, voting today is extremely light.

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, concerns about the accuracy of the machines that automatically count paper ballots means that each ballot will be reviewed by an election worker to make sure that the voter used a special black ink pen, and the results wonâ''t be reported for weeks.

How is high tech voting going in your part of the country?


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