Hulk Smash Fort Bliss, TX!

[see update here, with video goodness]


On February 19th, DARPA's 6.5-ton behemoth unmanned autonomous vehicle, which they've lovingly nicknamed Crusher, will be going through field trials in Fort Bliss, TX. As it happens, I will be there taking video and attempting to liveblog the event.


This video offers a slightly disconcerting peek at the six-wheeled monstrosity that I really kind of really really want to test drive.



Photo Credit: Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute


But I can't, because this vehicle is autonomous by design--it was built without room for passengers, which leaves room for all kinds of sensors and goodies, like a six-meter telescopic mast.


Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute has been tinkering with the unmanned autonomous vehicle since 2003, so it's really about time someone did something useful with it. Unconfirmed reports have indicated that the Army is taking over the project this year.


Check back on February 19, for some original video and maybe even some answers.




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