Highlights from National Instruments Week 2009

The annual NI Week was full of cool demos. There was the scarily-named robotic "flying blade of amputation," a robotic keyboard and glockenspiel duet, and the always-popular Guitar-Hero playing robot (with a new twist). This video provides a taste of the best demos and highlights from the keynote sessions.

As always, NI debuted some new products, and gave previews of what's still to come. The most impressive of the future-features was the thin-client web interface that will soon be part of their LabView software. NI already has hardware that runs web services accessible via URL. But the next generation of LabView will allow users to build a web interface right in their browser, without knowing flash or Java. The best way to understand the new capability is to watch the demo below. I've edited it down in length to give just the essentials of the technology without all the pageantry of the keynote.


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