Global warming: the undergrad major


Engineering undergrads at Stanford University this year will, for the first time, be able to major in global warming. OK, thatâ''s not exactly the name of the major, officially, itâ''s atmosphere-slash-energy. But global warming is what itâ''s about.

This interdisciplinary major will couple classes like â''Aerosols, Clouds and Climate Changeâ'' and â''Weather and Stormsâ'' with â''Electric Power: Renewables and Efficiencyâ'' and â''Powering the Rim: Energy issues for the Pacific.â''

"In my future career I would like to work toward mitigating global warming, and I found that no other major addresses this issue as well as atmosphere/energy," says about-to-be global warming major Emily Gorbaty. ``Ultimately I want to help implement renewable energy in developing countries, specifically India, China and Southeast Asia.â''

Gorbaty and her classmates are likely to have a wealth of job prospects, since the field of global warming looks itâ''ll be a hot one for years to come. (Groanâ'¿.)


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