Forward Bias

September 7, 2007

Todayâ''s theme: We can rebuild you.

In what may have been an orchestrated industry-wide tribute to the return of the Bionic Woman to the small screen, the biomedical engineering community this week unleashed a cornucopia of studies that pave the way to make you

- Better

- Stronger

- Faster*

- Taller

Already bionic? Be the first one on your block to imprint the sum of all human knowledge and history on your "junk" DNA-- or the entire Federlinian oeuvre, that's up to you. Iâ''m looking forward to seeing this technology adapted for the next issue of Sky Mall.

But where could you have all this work done? Why, DuBiotech, of course.

* ok, I cheated a little on that one. But if you're thinner, doesn't it stand to reason that you'd be faster?


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