Forward Bias

August 31, 2007

(On Fridays, youâ''ll be sampling other bits of the blogosphere courtesy of a new Tech Talk feature weâ''re calling Forward Bias. The name comes from the definition of the term: connecting the voltage source (thatâ''s you, dear reader) to the material, thus producing forward current in the circuit. We wonâ''t go into all the hoary details of how to make this metaphor work. Just read the links.)

Inaugural theme: What could possibly go wrong?

No, you canâ''t have a Pain Ray. Not yours.

It is left as an exercise for the reader to determine whether the worse idea was making the Active Denial System, or making it and then not sending it to Iraq.

School of shock.

Whatâ''s better than using electroshock therapy as behavior modification for nine-year-olds? Why, basing an entire school around the concept!

U of P-U.

The University of New Hampshire gets a stinkyâ''but infinitely renewableâ''source of energy.

Pocket Rocket!

A rocket-powered prosthetic arm. Whatâ''s great about this is that itâ''s not absurdly, unthinkably dangerous for everyday use.

Slap-fight in the expert community.

Experts divided on expertise of experts.


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