For How Long will the iPod be the benchmark for nano-enabled memory?

I was flipping through the last 30 years of digital media outlined in Spectrumâ''s Death of Digital Media when it occurred to me that a day may come when not every nano-enabled memory development will be measured against an iPod.

The latest development by researchers in Glasgow foretells of iPodâ''s that will be able to hold 300 million tunes. I have about 10,000 tunes on my iPod and probably listen to about half of them. My mind boggles at having that many songs and worse yet transferring them on to my iPod.

No, it seems unlikely that an iPod with that storage capacity would be of any use. But instead of concerning ourselves over how many songs a nano-enabled memory could store on an iPod over at TNTLog it is suggested that we may want to start asking, â''What could cheap mass storage enable?â''

Good question.


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