File under: Nanotechnology Weirdness


There are a host of bizarre little articles that get written about nanotechnology by people for whom this is likely the first time they have heard the word.

Here is one that came across my desktop â''Light like an iPod in a Beautiful Sky. Thanks to Nanotechnologyâ''.

Even the title of the piece is odd, but here are some of the priceless quotes:

â''There will be probably only two choices: to forget and then invent the gadgets all over again or to change our directors [sic] towards nanotechnology, for example.â''

â''The nanotech is said to be able to replace the magnetic disk drives even in the tiny popular iPods, as well as in laptops and servers.â''

Yes, â''the nanotechâ'' is said to do a great many things.

It is one thing to give a nanotechnology-related article to a professional editor under deadline and get a few hiccups here and there. But is it really necessary to publish articles that appear as though they were written by a second grader or were translated from another language by some online program?


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