Familiar Refrain in Nanotechnology and Food: More Research is Needed

A hearing was held earlier this week at the UK House of Lords (not to be confused with the House of Commons) to bring together leading experts to discuss and report on the potential risks of nanopatrticles in food.

The main interest I had in this particular meeting was that a video was made of the entire proceedings.

The meeting brought four experts, including Professor Ken Donaldson from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Qasim Chaudhry from the Food and Environment Research Agency, before the Select Committee on Nanotechnologies in Food in order to present evidence on the risk or safety of nanotechnologies in food, or lack thereof.

The experts seemed to utter the same refrain repeatedly, one with which we should accustom ourselves to for the foreseeable future: more research is needed.

Of course, the research that was lacking was sometimes in the areas that some of the experts were doing their research, such as how nanoparticles interact with the body while in the digestive system. But I donâ''t really mind these self-serving calls for more research (as long as it is in their field of research) just as long we can shorten the time we have to hear â''more research is needed.â''

I just appreciate hearing some honest admittance of ignorance on the risk of nanoparticles in food to the hysterical knee-jerk reactions of those who have confused their dislike for corporations with some perceived threat from nanotechnologies in food or anything else.

Letâ''s just keep doing the science.


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