European Commission is the biggest spender on nanotechâ¿¿what does that mean?

Last week the European Commission announced they are the biggest spender in nanotech research funding in the world.

I have to admit my first reaction was, â''Yeah, but isnâ''t that like 27 countries?â''

By population estimates in 2004, the EUâ''s population was 456 million people, and I think when you calculate that number against their reported spend of 1.4 billion Euros, it still leaves them pretty far behind Japan in per capita spend.

But these are just numbers after all. We all know the real measures are more along the lines of: Is all this public funding leading to impacts on the economy, i.e. new businesses, new products, etc.?

Thatâ''s harder to say and TNTLog has looked at this question more acutely.

But I refer back again to a recent entry on the purpose of this nanotechnology "arms race" that seems to have developed. Whatâ''s the point?


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