Down to Three

Well, I picked two out of three: we've whittled down the ideas, and the three remaining contenders are User Generated Fashion tagging, Greatest Menu Meals, and Internet Scavenger Hunt. It's interesting that I zeroed in on two of them-- it makes you realize that some inventions just make sense. I mean, who wants to eat at the world's best Thai restaurant and get stuck with the worst Basil Chicken?

Andrew has a tight schedule for the rest of the year. NYC startup is only 2 months old. Andrew invented it, did it in Boulder, and then again in Toronto. Word spread virally, and suddenly he was getting emails from all over the world-- everyone wanted one of these. So he has a tight schedule for the rest of the year. Fourteen startup weekends will take place in London, Dublin, Hamburg, Boston, DC-- I won't list all 14, but here's the schedule for 2007.

Right now we're discussing a major stumbling block to the success of Greatest Menu Meals: Apparently people really don't like taking surveys online. I thought that was just me, being misanthropic. I feel much better.


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