CES 2009: Duck Hunt Without the Video Game Console


Here at Spectrum, weâ''ve covered our fair share of remote-controlled, flying toys. There was the rotary wing Bladestar featured in this yearâ''s gift guide, the indoor plane from 2007, and the Micro Mosquito palm-size helicopter from 2006. But with each toy, the basic experience is usually the sameâ''fly the vehicle around for a minute or two until it runs out of power.

At CES this year, however, the flying toy market got injected with a welcome dose of novelty (and nostalgia for the original Nintendo Entertainment System). Interactive Toy Concepts (the company behind the Micro Mosquito) had a representative in full hunting gear showing off their new Duck Hunter toy/game. After you hand-launch the lightweight, flapping, electronic fowl, it's time to pick up the included light gun and take aim. Each time you "hit" the duck, it will temporarily stutter. Land three shots during the 30 seconds of flight time, and the bird will drop like a stone.

Video of the duck in-flight after the jump:

The company is looking to sell the toy for about $30 when it hits stores in the spring. They're also developing a two-player version, where a second player takes control of the duck for evasive maneuvers. All we'll need then is a robotic, laughing dog to mock our poor marksmanship.


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